Saturday, October 17, 2009


As a child I grew up reading with great amusement the travelogues of a famous Malayalam writer- S.K.Pottakkatu. I used to wonder enviably at this man who was fortunate to traverse across continents and see fascinating places. I was, in fact, more impressed by the author’s art of narration. So now, I need not express overtly where my inspiration to write a travelogue came from.

Great authors often place their acknowledgement before their work of art. I consider my mettle to narrate mediocre, but nonetheless, why should I deny myself of the opportunity to pen an acknowledgement. And so here it goes-

My travelogues- a result of my extensive travel wouldn’t have been possible but for the immense patience or may I use the word tolerance on the part of my two great daughters and their mother who brought them into this world.

Most travelogues are recounting of flashes of experiences as they are etched in your memory. I do not intend to write them as I travel but to try and articulate them as I remember. As someone aptly said, ‘what cant be remembered is best forgotten’. So my first chapter in this series would be about my latest trip. As any other traveler, I am nomadic by nature despite my strong strings of familial bonds. Though I visit the popular places and not so popular places, I would generally be writing about places which are ‘off the beaten track’. Last but not the least, I am foodie by nature and hence palate would get a prominent place in my tales.

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